New Dresses & New Arrival

Hunting for new style dresses? Just have a look on our new Pakistani dresses, Indian dresses and western wear clothing. You can discover new maxi dress designs, shalwar kameez designs, frocks, long gowns, prom dresses, and long shirt with trouser and handmade embroidered dresses.

New Arrival

pakistani dress with hijab paksitani fashion

New Arrival 1
US$ 370

black maxi Pakistani fashion

New Arrival 4
US$ 1189

party dresses new pakistani dresses

New Arrival 7
US$ 315

Powder Blue Long Gown

New Arrival 10
US$ 249

Pakistani fashion dress

New Arrival 13
US$ 399

western style dress

New Arrival 16
US$ 549

blue gowns paksitani fashion

New Arrival 2
US$ 510

long gown Pakistani dresses

New Arrival 5
US$ 1310

black gown Pakistani fashion

New Arrival 8
US$ 220

Pakistani Dress

New Arrival 11
US$ 1149

Pakistani fashion dress

New Arrival 14
US$ 1410

Skinny Gown with Capri

New Arrival 17
US$ 549

evening gowns pakistani clothes

New Arrival 3
US$ 680

black gown Pakistani fashion

New Arrival 6
US$ 290

Long Gown Pakistani designer

New Arrival 9
US$ 1449

pakistani designer dress shalwar kameez

New Arrival 12
US$ 349

Black long dress Pakistani fashion

New Arrival 15
US$ 650