English bulldog

English bulldog

English Bulldog – one of the brightest and most well-known European species of combat, but retained very little to do with their ferocious forebears. The creature is just as dedicated as they are sensitive, empathetic everything happening in the family and home. Of course, he is ready to defend the owner in case of danger, to be escort everywhere and always. And he is – it must be remembered – not tolerate the loneliness and lack of communication. However, fame and honor to be a talisman of many sports clubs, he brought the famous stubbornness, so training should not despair, watching the slow formation of habit. It so happened, however, that the owners rarely resort to special training, limited education and generation of stable total obedience.

Today, to keep the English bulldog is very fashionable in Russia and abroad, puppies in constant demand among fans, hardly guess that the popularity of a bulldog came simultaneously with the loss of their unique qualities of those who have kept only his little-known American “namesake”.

english bulldogs breeders

english bulldogs breeders

Now, potential owners should keep in mind that the breed does not differ in longevity, are prone to heart, lung and skin diseases, allergy prone. Current trends in the development of the breed bulldog lovers put in some awkward position. The modern Bulldog is a work of art in which aesthetic perfection comes into direct conflict with the normal physiology, directing the efforts of the breeder-breeder in the area of physiology abnormal. On the other hand, work on improvement of the breed in recent years have played an increasingly prominent role and is likely in the near future will be the main focus in breeding. It’s very important balance and common sense, as if an English bulldog face losing “highlight”, he will lose many fans, but at the same time further increase exaggerated decorative rock will be unviable.

Connoisseurs and lovers of the bulldog are devoted to him, at least for a century, and no other breed has such strong support. Bulldog owners as devoted to him, as he told them. I know it myself – in my heart and soul firmly settled this is the breed for life. For the life of a companion, playmate, eternal plush toy that always want to stroke gently embrace and spread out into a happy smile, observing, and just looking at him.


English Bulldog – a remarkable example of the art breeding species. Wild dogs have never looked so not. It is unique because No other breed not so intensively rose for the purchase of such noble traits as courage and loyalty, faithfulness and endurance. Bulldog – ancient breed and was well known in England before the 16th century. The name “Bulldog” is translated as “bull dog” and is connected with the main purpose – to attack the bull. In ancient documents that have survived to modern times, the authors argue that the Bulldogs, as well as other breeds, far gone from its original form, are difficult to breed: females are not too susceptible, and males often suffer failure on the love front. Despite the slow formation and the fact that growing up is rarely achieved by a half years, their life is short and to the five-six years of age they are starting to show signs of aging.

Harassment of animals in Britain is one of the oldest amusements. About heavy with an iron grip was mentioned in the book “The Art of Hunting,” written in 1406 by Edward, Duke of York. Referring to the kind of dog Alan, a medieval author wrote that they “are strong, though not great growth. This is the best dog to catch and keep any animal and it lacks so much and as quickly as any animal.” It should be noted, however, that these bloody spectacles were the forerunners of exhibitions and competitions dogs.

In 1707, Guy Mezhem wrote: “Our mastiff, in particular, those we call the bulldogs, unparalleled bravery. This dog will go alone to anyone, whether it is a bear, a tiger or a lion and will fight to the last – victory or death “. Bulldog rushed in animals with unusual ferocity, and his grip was overwhelming, truly dead. By attacking the enemy, the bulldog is always attacked him in front and usually bite at her lip, tongue or eyes, and gripping, it is not hung and unclenching jaws, despite desperate attempts to escape the bull. Because the nose of the bull – the most vulnerable part of it, he became helpless when the dog is hung on it. Dogs trained to fight from a low position – the head should be lowered to the ground, and large dogs in general lay on his stomach, so the bull could not pick up their horns. Probably, therefore, that the other dogs is called the neck, the English bulldog is virtually nonexistent. Because, when you turn the head to the side, he turns almost all his body.

Once the dog is thrown up the bull fell down and broke her leg. The turning point immediately to the right, leg bandaged, and the dog, no matter what, once again rushed to the bull. No force other than the one that surpasses her indomitable spirit, is not able to get a bull dog loosen the jaw and the nature of this dog is endowed with the highest degree of courage. But if the enemy seized the bulldog for any of the limbs, he was immediately discarded, considering such behavior a sign of degeneration of the breed. Even the half-year-old puppy used to drill to a bull in order to obtain confirmation of its origin impeccable. If allowed, they would rather have died in battle than surrender.



Two features are inherent in the breed: the first, he always attacks the enemy’s head, the second – no biting and not letting the opponent, hanging on him so tightly that the dog is almost impossible to tear off any forces. Witnessed instances when hung on bulldog muzzle an ox (in those days, when such fights were held), he remained in that position and, after his entrails fell to the ground in agony. This happened due to the structure of a short snout, the nostrils remain open, while the nose and mouth were immersed in the soft tissue. In fact, almost impossible to tear away from the victim clinging bulldog or persuade him to withdraw. Brutal persecution of the arena at that time attracted the attention of people of all classes and estates. Charles Williams in his book “Dogs and their ways,” writes: “The Bulldog is different from other dogs, even the mastiff, that does not bark when there is an attack, immediately seizes his enemy, no matter how the opponent surpasses it in growth.”

Bulldogs fell to the lot of one of the most barbaric tasks, which only ever carry a dog in the history of its existence with the person. Ironically, the ancestors of our beloved and affectionate bulldog for several centuries were intended solely for the cruel sport and it lasted more than six centuries.

In the early 19th century in Europe began to form societies for the protection of animals, and in 1835 was banned dog fighting and baiting bulls. With the abolition of bull rapidly began to decrease the number of purebred bulldogs. In place of Bull beytingu and delight the audience came dog fights, which were the major cause of reduction in the number of purebred Bulldogs breed of threatened extinction. Many breeders began to breed bulldogs with terriers, arguing that such a mixture enhances the quality of Fighting. Despite the fact that a cross between bulldogs with a terrier valued highly enough, very little or nothing was done to preserve the breed in its original form. Fortunately Bulldog managed to survive. British special love for the breed did not allow the death of this ancient breed.

english bulldog puppies

english bulldog puppies

Although descriptions of the past Bulldogs disagree on many details, but imagine those dogs can be. It is also clear that they very much like our modern bulldogs in the main features. A lot can be heard talking about the fact that the modern English bulldog, especially the exhibition class, is unlikely to grab the bull, but it is a very controversial issue. Anyway, this is not due to conformation characteristics of the bulldog, and the fact that we have created these gentle dogs, they just do not want to bite the animal.

Despite the fact that in England the breed is classified, its main purpose today – to be a favorite family host a special joy that brings a part in exhibitions, where the appearance of your pet immediately attracts the gaze of the audience. Those who starts an English bulldog for exclusively at home and not planning to attend club events, when choosing a puppy should only worry about his physical health and prospects of mutual sympathy.

First of all, note the condition of the skin and breath. Exterior to the breed and you will not be decisive. Another thing, if you plan to do in advance of your English bulldog show dog. Then purchase your puppy will require special thoroughness. Firstly, there is no substantive charming, so keep you from buying the first puppy to be seen hard imperatives knowledge standard and the fact that the percentage of pups with defects, not affecting their viability and on, but do participate in trade shows or just hopeless impossible quite high.

Second, given the high prices and lack of awareness of the breed of buyers, not all breeders are conscientious enough to make a mark “tribal marriage” and reduce the price of those animals that really deserve it.

Third, parents need to watch future pet. Getting acquainted with them, do not take decisive titles and diplomas, it is better not lose sight of the breed standard, remembering in particular that the most common defects in the same process of growth and development of the dog are the wrong shape and position of the tail, straight shoulder, too loose elbows, a long snout and over-bite, in which from the upper lip protruding canines, incisors, premolars and sometimes the lower jaw, giving the dog a repulsive form. Regarding the latter defect, we note that the puppies at an early age he may be absent, but there is circumstantial evidence pointing to its further development, the most obvious – narrow width of the lower jaw. In addition, the likelihood of a defect is very high in pups derived from parents with “balcony.”

We recommend you first to look at England and English bulldogs for the most part not only meet the standard, but also determine the current ” face “of rocks at the international exhibitions.

Possessing a strong personality and more than its original appearance, the English bulldog is the perfect dog for apartment maintenance, compact and reliable. Creates some inconvenience to snore his way as a “drunken drayman”, but this detail can easily survive for the sake of communicating with an amazing person, whose self-esteem, conservative in habits and thoroughness will give your life a purely English flavor.


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